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THE RINGLEADER OF ALL THE FUN | Lauren Street, 1 minute, 5 seconds, colour, stop-frame animation, University of East London 2016

​Stuart and Kate from Essex speak about his working life.

Stuart: I wanted to be a driving instructor as well, but I didn’t follow that through

Kate: Nobody would have passed and they would have been going

Stuart: and I did apply for John Lewis, but they didn’t accept me (laughing). I was well pissed off after that. They said I wasn’t of the right calibre. So I picked up a chair, threw it out of a window and walked out!

(both laugh)

Kate: No, you’ve only worked at Sainsbury's. That is weird.

Stuart: and I’m sort of usually the ringleader of all the fun

Kate (burst out laughing): You mean you're the one being bullied

Stuart: Youve got fiddler

Kate: ugh

Stuart: He fiddles

Kate burst out laughing

Stuart: ..the paperwork! so he gets the best jobs

Stuart: Thirty-seven years, I've worked there now

Kate: Thirty-seven years?

Stuart: Oh, there's an echo, is there?

Kate: Wish you were at work today

Stuart: So do I

Kate: Well do us all a favour...

Stuart: Have a banter with Fiddle

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