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PRIMARY VS. SECONDARY Jesse Jones-Frame, 1 minute, colour, hand-drawn animation, University of East London 2016

Alexander Jones-Frame has just got into secondary school. He speaks to his brother Jesse about the differences between primary and secondary school.

I thought School was going to be a little bit hard. but I’m staring to find it easy, like making new friends. In primary, I didn’t have that much friends, but in secondary, I have a lot of friends. I also like... in terms of lessons... in primary, we didn’t do much of art and design. in secondary, we didn’t do a lot of art and design.

I feel like in primary, the teachers did help you a lot, but in secondary it’s like a lot of independent work. It makes me feel a little bit nervous about things, like tests and things. Like on Friday, like we have to do this maths test. I get a buzz by answering questions, by putting my hand up, because I less feel like I get the wrong answer about it.

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