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COMMUTING SUCKS Charlie Trewick, 1 minute, 10 seconds, B&W animation, University of East London 2017

South Londoner Charlee Trewick, speaks to her husband Thomas about commuting in London.

Commuting sucks! There's lots of things to dislike about commuting. I think people can be ridiculously rude, and pushy to get a seat in the mornings. There's always one idiot who has his music up too loud. Some people's er… bodily hygiene er… has a lot of be desired for. It's not that difficult to put a bit of deodorant on, or jump in the shower before you head to work.

People who don’t have their ticket ready or their oyster card ready, when they are approaching the barriers. I mean that can be… that could the worst actually. It’s not like, the barriers just surprise you. You’ve had all journey to prepare to get your ticket ready and then, you know you slow everyone behind you.

The commute can be made better by ensuring that people wash before get on the train, having longer trains, having a seat for everybody. I think there should be singing carriages. I think there should be dancing carriages and I think work should be cancelled altogether really and we just get back on the train back home straight away.

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