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SNOWGLOBE Andreea Tiuca, 1 minutes 40 seconds, 2D animation, colour, University of East London 2018


Valentina Tiuca talks about what it was like to live away from her children.

I came once in winter to see you guys and it was a lovely time with you, we had Christmas and we had New Year’s Eve and then I had to come back. I had no other option at the time. Leaving you guys behind was the worst moment in my life. It was hell for me. I told myself I will never leave my children behind and I had to do it then but once I got here, I told myself ‘I am not going to be a failure. I will do everything in my power to bring my children with me and make our lives in the UK.’

When I finally came to Romania to take you guys with me back to the UK, I was so happy but we had so many problems with the passports, we had to travel from one city to another to sort things out. You and Stefan didn’t feel very well, but against all this I decided to take you guys with me and do all the things we had to do because I didn’t want to leave you behind. It was just like all three of us, we soldier out and we managed to come to the UK. After some time, we all say ‘yeah we’ve done it, this is our new life, this is home’


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