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1 minute, 30 seconds, B&W, 2D hand-drawn animation, University of East London 2018

Ella McKenzie speaks to Stili about the idea of perfection.

​I know. I notice everybody. Just how many people actually people-watch. Because you know you look at them, but you know they could be judging you. Um, and, and I think maybe they think they are not beautiful, maybe they don’t have perfect teeth or they can’t smile, or maybe they think… whatever!

There’s something wrong with them. They’ve, that’s what they’ve told themselves by trying set a standard on something like beauty, or even intelligence like… there’s massive stress gets invented, and it gets placed on all these people. Everyone’s got problem, no matter what the problems are. I think every problem you ever have could be fixed and you invent more. At the end of the day, I think they allow us to challenge ourselves.

You’ve got to eat food, that’s the most fundamental…, but when that’s already fulfilled and you’ve got more things later on, you walk up that next day like. ‘no, I want more’ Now if one of those things, you just can’t get over, it’s because of our thinking process. Imagine seeing it a s tile on the floor. Everyone will see it once and be like ‘Ah cool, interesting’, and it’ll pass. Every new tile on the floor is a new event or thing happening in their lives, but some people stay on that one tile, because they are so intrigued and it just shouldn’t have happened, or it should have happened, that’s when it starts to drain a person. I’m not saying don’t appreciate every tile. Try and give opportunity to every tile as you can, but then don’t get caught up with so that you miss out.

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