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ROMANIA Dominic Pinnegar, 1 minute, 10 seconds, 2D hand-drawn animation, Colour, University of East London 2018

Andreea Tiuca remembers life in Romania.

You don’t need planning permission at all, I think, in Romania. There's soviet blocks that ever since, sort of the revolution, they’ve knocked down walls in the apartment and everything like that, so when earthquakes happen, flats are basically weaker probably from people making the renovation.

When it came to home, there wasn’t really a place that I could call, home, but it was always where my parents… are. That’s where my home was. My family, so. But then when we came here, we did sort of, grow apart from, from most of my family. I think over the years, I’ve become sort of detached with my family, as I grew older and my Romanian has progressively gotten worse. I don’t remember a single… a simple phrase.


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