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FEAR OF FAILURE Sophie Siebert, 2 minutes 10 seconds, 2D digital animation, colour, University of East London 2017

Sarah Oatridge talks about what she thinks is important for her in her life.

If I started something, and it has always been like that, I was told ‘You finish this. You cannot just let this lie around’ and somehow, I don't know, I think because of that I started to develop some sort of fear of failure. I still notice even today unfortunately. I struggle to deal with failing at anything, even if it is just a small thing.


And I think what I have hoped for, would have been an open way of dealing with the whole affair. In form of a discussion, without creating the pressure behind it, that you HAVE to do this, and just being told ‘Yes, this is your decision, these are the pros and cons’, just talking directly and realistically about it, instead of sending a blind force.


I think on one side it was really important for my own character development, that I said ‘No, I won't do this’, and on the other side, yes, on the other side it was really good that I did not continue. This would have led nowhere.


That one would tackle the issue in a realistic way and saw, that one could simply tell themselves, ‘What are my skills? What's important to me? What do I want in life?’ and follow that instead of following whatever other people may want.

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