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MEDIUM RARE Juan Martin Gonzalez (Mr. John Vanilla), 1 minute 35 seconds, 2D hand drawn animation, colour, University of East London 2017

In this short documentary, Juan Martin Gonzalez (AKA Mr. John Vanilla) interviews Zack Cignetti, a vegetarian who works in a Burger restaurant.

I’m vegetarian, but I’m the manager of a burger restaurant. Um, I think only a few very, very lucky people can afford to do something they like, but, but it’s difficult for me. If I wasn’t vegetarian, it would be much easier.

If I had to say why I’m vegetarian- I was like twelve, thirteen years old, so I was staring from, from my window and I just saw this scene- two guys bringing this massive pig. It was, it was… they just shot him in the head, with one these hand pistols. It does some unnatural sounds, it’s unbelievable, so… I remember staring form the window with my sister and be like ‘Is this… is this what happens?’

So, something changes, when you stop eating for a, for a while, it’s like a vampire (laughing) that hasn’t got blood for a while. It’s like ‘oh, I’m changing. Now I like flowers, but… ha.

I... I just wish people would try to be bit more responsible. It’s by far, the biggest source of destruction in the world. The fact, that this need of eating animals constantly and the breeding process, yeah, it’s… it’s terrible for… for the Earth.

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