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THE CELLAR Alexander Forrester, 1 minute, 2D hand-drawn animation, col, University of East London 2018

Alexander Forrester's father talks to him about playing in his cellar when he was a child.

When I was about six or seven I can just about remember we had a cellar in our house where the gas meter was; you had to put 50p in the gas metre. I used to get asked to put 50p in the gas metre, go down in the cellar but I always thought there was ghosts down in the cellar; so I didn’t like to go down there, but when I got older I realised obviously it was just my imagination and the cellar was where we had a big fridge freezer and my dad had all his tools down there, and me and my friends used to have a den down there and we used to play games and pretend we were secret agents.


We also had a coal chute so you could open the coal chute so you could actually look outside the street with your head through the concrete floor and see people walking by which was quite fun.

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