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SQUIRRELS | Peter Smith, 50 seconds, colour, 2D hand-drawn animation, University of East London 2016

Freya is a Norwegian student in London, and enjoys watching the squirrels in the park near her home in London

One thing I really, really love in London is going to the park in the morning to see the squirrels. l just, I love that... squirrels so much. And I have ADHD, so this is like a super stereotypical like, such a bad thing for me to love because it’s so stereotypical. You know the whole like...I have ADHD, but that doesn’t mean that I get to… Oh look! A squirrel, you know that thing? It’s so bad that I’m so like I love squirrels so much that, but every time I see a rodent, like specifically a squirrel, I will drop what I’m doing and look at it, like I love them. And the park where I live is so nice because in the morning, the squirrels come like they come forth and they are just like 'Hey, what’s up man, got any food?"

I like that.

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