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IRENE | Miles Fleet, 1 minute, 47 seconds, 2D hand-drawn animation, colour, University of East London 2016

Irene Zedda talks about what it is like to move to London and become part of it.

London is hard… is really hard, because, because it’s really busy and sometimes, even with the fact that we live in city where there are more than 9 million people, sometimes you feel like you are just a number and you’re not that important.

I remember the first day I need to go to Primark to buy a white shirt because I was starting to work in pub, and I found myself in this massive Primark, with a lot, a lot of people. I know that I just need to buy a shirt, but I don’t know where I am, and now for me, it’s ridiculous because I go, I go there almost every week, and it’s even a small Primark.

If you’re…If you’re feeling like you’re just a number in a… in a really big city you need to make yourself count. You need to become part of the puzzle.

The best, best place is when I’ve been um… to a restaurant in the top of the in the shard. You see all… the whole London from there, and Tower Bridge seemed really, really little from there.

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