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HERE VS. THERE Britnee Tovar, 1 minute, 26 seconds, 2D hand-drawn animation, B&W, University of East London 2018

Najette Chouchane speaks about her life in Tunisia and compares it to life in London.

I grew up in Tunisia, and Tunisia is a third-world country. So, we don’t really have like, anywhere to go out. We don’t have any cinemas, we don’t have any restaurants, we don’t have any cafes, we don’t have any like shopping malls, or anything. Literally like, all...all they- all we did was just spend time at home. That’s what people do back there. They just watch TV. They just - I don’t know, talked to the neighbours.

Somehow, well surprisingly, I find my life here more limited than my life back at home. And I think that’s because here in the UK...I feel like, there’s too – Everything costs too much, it costs too much to go somewhere. To take the bus to go somewhere. It costs too much for food, it costs too much for...for everything really. So, it’s like - I find my life very limited here compared to back at home. I guess if you were rich’d be able to enjoy life more here in the UK.

But the thing I liked more about back home is that even if you were poor, you didn’t have money, you still could be able to enjoy everything that was there. Even if wasn’t much at all but you’d still be able to enjoy everything there without having all these worries in your mind. You know, about paying rent. You know, paying for transport and so on.

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