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Buttershed by Morgan Carson Bretnall.png

BUTTERSHED Morgan Bretnall Carson,1 minute, 20 seconds, animation, colour, University of East London 2016

Amanda Wise lives in Florida, and hasn’t told her parents about her girlfriend Morgan. They find coded ways of saying terms of endearment to each other.

So, when Morgan and I first started speaking, we established that we both liked Xbox One. And we never got around to playing Xbox One. So around us dating for two months, and Morgan had bought Rambo Six Siege, which was the only game like in the Xbox, and to play that game, you have to talk to your teammates.

So, at this point my parents didn’t know we were dating, so I couldn’t be like "Hey Babe, I love you babe", I couldn’t say any of that. So, we made codewords for saying I love you. And I came up with a simple one like 'Look out the window' and Morgan goes 'Or detonate the buttershed'. I’d be like "Look out the window' or I hear is 'Detonate the buttershed'. And I was waiting for my sister or my mom to be like "Why do you keep saying 'Detonate the buttershed', what's a buttershed?"

But Morgan and I knew what it meant. "Look out the window" or "Detonate the buttershed' and it’s just our... one way of us saying 'I love You'

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